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Vol. 1 No. 21
May 2000

In this issue:

Steel Fist


Lady Luck

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Pure Excitement Comics is maintained by Bill Nolan.

   Welcome to Pure Excitement Comics, the number one source for original Golden Age comic book reprints on the Web!

   Hey, everybody, welcome to the the 21st issue!
   Our first feature this month is the Steel Fist, a virtual unknown from Blue Circle Comics no. 5 (vol. 2 no. 2) published in March of 1945 by Enwil Associates, Inc. The Steel Fist, a hero who fought evil with the aid of a metal gauntlet (but not two for some reason), appeared in Blue Circle Comics 1-5.
   Our second feature this issue is Micro-Face, from Clue Comics no. 4 published in June of 1943 by Hillman Periodicals, Inc. Micro-Face, who did not have a small face as the odd name might suggest, but rather had some type of microphone set-up in his mask, appeared in Clue Comics 1-7, 10, 11, and vol. 2 no. 3.
   In the third spot this month, by request, is Lady Luck, from Smash Comics no. 44, published in July 1943 by Everett M. Arnold/Quality Comics. Lady Luck appeared in Smash Comics 42-85 and Lady Luck Comics 86-90 (the title which Smash Comics became at the end of its run).
   Hope you enjoy this issue. Also, my first CD-ROM, featuring the Target and the Targeteers, is still available! More information about the disc, which costs $10 (shipped), can be found at this link! They're going fast -- thankfully for you the supply is unlimited!
   All stories are believed to be in the public domain*. If you enjoy this issue, be sure to write to let me know (it's also OK to write if you don't like this issue...all feedback is appreciated). You will find a link to my Email on the page following the stories. And be sure to join my mailing list to find out when I update any portion of my web site!
   * All stories are over 50 years old and believed to be in the public domain. Should a story appear which is not in the public domain and the holder of the copyright is opposed to its inclusion in Pure Excitement Comics, it will be immediately removed from this site upon notification. Pure Excitement Comics is a non-profit operation and does not claim the copyright to any of these stories or characters. Information for this page was found in Howard Keltner's Index to Golden Age Comic Books. There is a new edition of this great book now available. Email Bob Klein for details on how to purchase a copy!