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Vol. 1 No. 3
November 1998

In this issue:


Rainbow Boy


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640 x 480 resolution
thou./mill. of colors

   Welcome to the third issue of Pure Excitement Comics, your source for original Golden Age comic book reprints on the Web!

   This site is based on my Golden Age comic book collecting philosophy -- there's nothing more important than the enjoyment you get from reading the stories!
   I started this web 'zine because I know how hard it is for Golden Age fans to find affordable reading material. There are countless "lost" heroes from that era and I hope my site does a little to preserve their important, if forgotten, legacy. My inspiration was Golden Age Men of Mystery and the other fine books published by Bill Black at AC Comics.
   I will be presenting three authentic Golden Age stories in each "issue" of Pure Excitement Comics. The stories I plan to showcase are from defunct publishers and believed to be in the public domain.* You will not be seeing stories published or owned by DC, Marvel or Archie Comics (MLJ), who maintain active ownership over their stables of characters. Also, Bill Black does a good job with several of my favorite characters, including the Fighting Yank and the Black Terror, so I will make an effort to stay away from reprinting certain stories featuring them.
   I plan to stick mainly to costumed crimefighters. This month, we have a special two-part crossover featuring Hydroman and Rainbow Boy from Heroic Comics! Also in this issue is Marvo the Magician, one of the countless crimefighting magicians of the Golden Age. This one's special -- he's got a monkey for a partner!
   Also, I have made an effort to keep the images on this site as small (in terms of file size) as possible, yet retain their readablity. My goal is to keep the image for each page at 100K or less. This site is best viewed at a resolution of 640x480/thousands or millions of colors, but some stories are still readable at higher resolution settings (results may vary). I apologize if the individual pages are slow to load -- but they are worth the wait!
   If you missed the first two issues, don't worry. The first issue is back online here. The second issue will be back online soon as well. Now, on with issue no. on the links in the column to the left to get started.

   * All stories are over 50 years old and believed to be in the public domain. Should a story appear which is not in the public domain and the holder of the copyright is opposed to its inclusion in Pure Excitement Comics, it will be immediately removed from this site upon notification. Pure Excitement Comics is a non-profit operation and does not claim the copyright to any of these stories or characters.