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Pure Excitement Comics



Marvo in action!
The real hero?

Character(s): Marvo the Magician
Publication: Sure-Fire Comics No. 3
Publication Date: September 1940
Publisher: Ace Magazines

   Here's another tale from Sure-Fire Comics No. 3, which also provided last month's "Whiz Wilson" tale. I promise that this character is a little bit more mainstream.

   As you can probably guess from the title of the strip, Marvo is a magician. He's one of many comic book magicians who creates magic using spells which essentially are real words with odd vowels or syllables added. Example: "Vanisi" for "vanish."

   Marvo is assisted by his crimefighting companion, Tito, a strangely-drawn monkey who must constantly save Marvo from dangerous situations.

   Marvo the Magician appeared in Sure-Fire Comics, which later became Lightning Comics with the fourth issue. He appeared in all thirteen issues of the title. I am unaware of any additional appearances.

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   Information for this column was found in Howard Keltner's Index to Golden Age Comic Books. There is a new edition of this great book now available. Email Bob Klein for details on how to purchase a copy!

All artwork originally ©1940 Ace Magazines

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