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Bob Blake
Bob Blake

Rainbow Boy

Character(s): Hydroman
Publication: Heroic Comics No. 19
Publication Date: July 1943
Publisher: The Eastern Color Printing Co.

   Hydroman was actually Bob Blake, but you wouldn't know that if you just read this story...his secret identity is not mentioned anywhere! I looked it up in another issue of Heroic Comics.

   Hydroman has the power to travel through water and can also control water. It's hard to explain, but he essentially travels in water like the Atom travels over phone lines.

   The story reprinted here is quite interesting in that it crosses over with the next story, which features Rainbow Boy, another classic Heroic Comics character.

   Before it switched to all war stories with issue no. 32, Heroic Comics featured several classic Golden Age masked heroes. Don't let the war covers fool you, there are mysterymen strips in issues 1-31. Hydroman appeared in issues 1-29. In addition to the stories presented here, Hydroman also teamed up with Rainbow Boy in Heroic Comics No. 25. That single-part tale will be presented in a special Pure Excitement Comics annual later this year!

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   Information for this column was found in Howard Keltner's Index to Golden Age Comic Books. There is a new edition of this great book now available. Email Bob Klein for details on how to purchase a copy!

All artwork originally ©1943 The Eastern Color Printing Co.

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