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In This Issue:

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Yank & Doodle
and the Black Owl

The Magnetic Man

The Chameleon
featuring Kid Tyrant

Other issues!

Issue No. 2

and the Targeteers

The Face

Whiz Wilson

Bill Nolan's
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for Excitement!

A look at
classic "in-house"
comic book ads.

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Letters Page

   Well, I hope you enjoyed this first issue of Pure Excitement Comics. It was a blast to produce, so I hope someone out there liked it!
   The next "issue" should be on-line sometime around October 1, so check back then! You're more than welcome to make suggestions for future stories, but my Golden Age collection is somewhat limited. I'll try to feature any request I can.
   In the meantime, I'd appreciate any feedback you readers are willing to give me. I will feature your e-mails on this letters page in future issues.
   Also, please check out my other pages -- especially my Prescription for Excitement! site, which features the best in comic book "in-house" advertising. Also, check out the other links to great sites focusing on the Golden Age of comics (located in the column to the left). And read Golden Age Men of Mystery each month -- it's worth it!
   That about does it for Pure Excitement Comics No. 1. Below, I've includes a bonus feature which will appear from time to time -- "The Golden Age Cover Gallery." Check it out and be sure to be back in October!

Golden Age Cover Gallery
Golden Age cover

This month in the Gallery we have America's Best Comics No. 29. This fabulous cover by Alex Schomburg features the Black Terror and Miss Masque.

Artwork originally ©1948 Visual Editions, Inc.