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The Clown
The Clown

Character(s): Magno the Magnetic Man
Publication: Super Mystery Comics No. 7 or 8(?)
Publication Date: April or June 1941
Publisher: Ace Magazines

   Magno the Magnetic Man was the top hero in the Ace Magazines line of comics. He was the star of Super Mystery Comics, making his debut in the very first issue of that title. Along with his sidekick, Davey, Magno appeared in the first 29 issues of Super Mystery Comics. The duo also appeared in Four Favorites 1-26.

   Not much was ever revealed about Magno or Davey. Magno was the master of all magnetism, but his secret identity, if he had one, was never mentioned. As shown in this issue, Magno apparently made his way around the city in costume at all times.

   I don't think any origin was ever given for Davey, either. The story in this issue does provide some clues. Davey is referred to as a young friend of Mango's who sometimes wears a "little Magno suit" allowing him to share the adult hero's powers. Davey's parents are not shown in this story, but it is revealed that he has a sister with whom he lives.

   Magno and Davey fought one villain more than any other -- The Clown. This sinister madman made his first appearance in Super Mystery Comics No. 5.

   This story is from a coverless issue of Super Mystery Comics, so I am unsure of the exact number. Based on reference sources, it is most likely No. 7 or 8.

[NOTE - I would love to present the Black Spider story from this issue, but the book is missing the centerfold, affecting the beginning of that bizarre story. If anyone would be willing to provide scans or color photocopies of the four missing pages (pp. 31-34), I would greatly appreciate it!]

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   Information for this column was found in Howard Keltner's Index to Golden Age Comic Books and Bill Black's The Official Golden-Age Hero & Heroine Directory.

All artwork originally ©1941 Ace Magazines

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