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Pure Excitement Comics


Kid Tyrant
Kid Tyrant

The Chameleon
The Chameleon

Character(s): The Chameleon and Kid Tyrant
Publication: Target Comics Vol. 3 No. 1
Publication Date: March 1942
Publisher: Ace Magazines

   Of the three features presented this month, I can tell you the least about this one. Not typically a costumed hero feature, the Chameleon story in this particular issue (Vol. 3 No. 1) featured the debut of Kid Tyrant.

   The star of the strip was Pete Stockbridge, alias the Chameleon. I can only assume that he was known as "The Chameleon" because of a talent to assume any role necessary in the dangerous situations which arose during his life as a secret agent.

   In this particular story, Stockbridge takes a back seat to the crime fighting antics of his ward, a rascal known as Ragsy. In order to combat a rising tide of youth crime, Ragsy emulates his favorite comic book hero, The Tyrant. He makes a similar costume and is quickly dubbed "Kid Tyrant."

   The Chameleon made his debut in the sixth issue of Target Comics and appeared more or less regularly for the next 95. I am unaware of any other appearances by Kid Tyrant.

   One note about this story -- it features a unique, thin and slanted lettering style which made it difficult to scan. The scans for these pages are a little bit larger than I wanted for Pure Excitement Comics, but anything smaller was unreadable (and even at this size it is difficult in some spots). I'm trying to keep each page image at 100K or less, but the ones for this story average around 135K. I hope it's not too much of a problem for you readers. Also, please don't be discouraged by the first page, it gets easier to read from page 2 on.

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   Information for this column was found in Howard Keltner's Index to Golden Age Comic Books.

All artwork originally ©1941 Funnies Incorporated

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